Audi Cuyahoga Falls wishes to extend five primary reasons to purchase a used Audi SUV near Akron.

In doing so, you'll find the purpose of an Audi SUV aligns well with resilient Buckeye lifestyles. Whether your season ticket-held seats at FirstEnergy Stadium come calling every other Sunday afternoon or Falls Fridays comprise your autumn leanings, getting there in an Audi SUV is a moment in luxury and performance – no matter used or new.

Top Five Reasons to Buy a Used Audi SUV

Considering the reputation Audi holds in the greater Kent area, it seems there's more than enough reason to choose a used, Audi Q7 45 SUV from Audi Cuyahoga Falls. Near Cleveland and Shaker Heights, trips to Lake Erie shores are made more pleasant during any season as a result.

So, browse below those but five reasons for acquiring a used, Audi SUV at Audi Cuyahoga Falls:


A gently used Audi Q3 40 Premium SUV will have made its way to Audi Cuyahoga Falls most likely as a trade. This proves worthwhile, considering the affordability applied to a user or Audi Certified Pre-Owned SUV.

And with financing specials applied to your Audi SUV of choice, it's a more affordable route to Audi excellence across the spectrum of performance and body style. For the money spent or financed, our climate demands a platform to negotiate ice and snow efficiently and safely. In this effort, German engineering says it all.


With the stress placed on vehicles throughout the greater Cleveland area, it makes sense the complementing nature of a vehicle ready for the tasks at hand and the weather to soon come. And why not seek shelter within the luxury of an Audi Q5 SUV after a Historical Ghost Tour of Cuyahoga Falls.

Used Audi SUVs come with a proven track record of performance, otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to qualify for the Audi Certified Pre-Owned distinction and all those conferred benefits therein.

Audi Certified Pre-Owned

Our locals demand quality in the used, Audi SUVs offered for sale near Akron. And with the vaunted Audi Certified Pre-Owned distinction applied to those qualifying, used Audi SUVs traded in, the following parameters are met with complementing benefits absorbed:

  • A 300-point, Audi Cuyahoga Falls inspection is undertaken, the extent of which is unmatched across the entire industry.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance is free of charge for one year.
  • Vehicle-history reports confirm areas of interest comprising title and lien histories, servicing and repair records, accident reporting, and previous statuses of the rental, loaner, or salvaged.
  • The Audi Certified Pre-Owned limited warranty is extensive in coverage while providing for peace-of-mind winding through Canton and visits to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Servicing, Maintenance

Given the holistic approach at Audi Cuyahoga Falls, when servicing regimes call or maintenance needs to be applied, the service center on campus near Kent is state-of-art and fully stocked with Audi OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and accessories.

As well, it's never uncommon for service specials and parts discounts to accompany an Audi Q5 oil change, brake service, or tire rotation – to name only a few procedures performed daily near Cleveland State University.


With all Audi luxury SUVs, there's an interior cabin fitted with all the necessary comforts and accouterments and technological essentials. From the integration of Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ applications to seamless navigation and driver-assistance tools, the drive past Akron is done in style. This without mentioning the turbo-charged grounding of Audi Q3, 2L engines.

In all, there's something for everyone when considering the very affordable, used Audi luxury SUVs in stock now at Audi Cuyahoga Falls.

Audi Cuyahoga Falls – Your Local Cleveland Answer to Used, Audi Luxury SUVs

Visit our local Cuyahoga Falls dealership today to test drive those used and Audi Certified Pre-Owned SUVs now in stock.