The used SUV market is hotter than ever. Thanks to some great production choices by some of the top brands, the most recent model years for SUVs have had a lot of high-quality models with plenty of features. If you are looking for a good deal on an SUV this fall, and you live in the Cuyahoga Falls area, then you should think about buying a used model. In this post, we will go through five great reasons for Akron area shoppers to choose a used SUV when they go shopping this fall.

1. Great Inventory

The last few years of production have seen the introduction of lots of high-end features for all types of SUVs, like parking cameras, adaptive cruise control, and touchscreen interfaces. Previously, these were limited to luxury models only, but recent models have started to include more of these features standard on all trims. You don't need to get the latest model in order to have access to some really cutting-edge tech thanks to all of the recent innovations. Since these are used models, the value that you get is incredible.

2. Back to School

Now that schools have started to reopen, and that means lots of taking the kids back and forth to school, to their activities before and after school, to friends' houses, to sports and clubs, and every other location that becomes a new destination. To get all of that done with lots of passengers and cargo, having an SUV is important. You don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money on an SUV, either, because a new SUV is a serious financial investment. Instead, if you opt for a new SUV, you will be able to get all of that traveling done in the Canton area without breaking your budget.

3. Safety and Security

SUVs are usually loaded with lots of safety features and score very well on crash tests. That is because manufacturers know that families use these vehicles and rely on them. That is a major edge that SUVs have over cars beyond just the amount of space. There's nothing like the confidence that you feel behind the wheel of a reliable and well-made SUV. A used SUV has had a few years for reviewers to examine how it performs and how safe it is in real-world conditions, so you can find models in the Kent area that have been tried and tested and are known to be safe.

4. Performance

The last few model years have seen new attention paid to performance in SUVs. Gone are the clunky and slow models of past years. Engines in SUVs are getting more powerful as well as more efficient, so they use less gas but get you more acceleration. Many of them are really fun to drive, which was hard to imagine in previous generations of SUVs. You don't need a brand-new model to take advantage of this change. Some recently used SUVs have some really good hybrid drivetrains, too, if that interests you.

5. Value

The fact that SUVs have significantly higher base prices than cars means that the savings you can get from buying used are much larger. Your money goes farther and you get more for less when you are buying a used SUV. This is especially true for the fall when lots of dealers are offering seasonal specials and deals on various models. You can get even better value if you time your purchase for one of those special deals. The savings can easily be in the thousands of dollars compared to buying a new SUV in the Cleveland area.

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