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Among three-row luxury SUVs, there are few that boast that special blend of performance and versatility. But the Audi Q7 is just such a vehicle. Recently redesigned from the ground up, its driving dynamics, safety features, and capacity have all gotten high marks from reviewers. But it's a competitive field out there, and no doubt other premium options are also vying for your attention.

But against the likes of the BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, and Lexus RX 350, the Q7 still emerges the more valuable choice, especially if you have a need to tow, or require a spacious enough third row. But when you add on the intelligent safety and convenience features, sumptuous interior, and a choice between engines.

If you're wondering how these models stack up in a more "in-depth" fashion, however, here's a break down.

Audi Q7 vs. BMW X5
Whether you're pitting the Q7 vs. the X5, or the Q5 vs. the X5, these two brands are often in competition. But in this case, the Q7 comes out on top. Better and easier-to-use technology, more standard features, and the fact the Q7 was designed with a third row in mind are all perks. The Q7 also has a more accessible starting price.

  • Superior Utility and Versatility. Even with its tight third row, the X5 can only seat seven and return a maximum 66 cu-ft of cargo volume. The Q7, on the other hand, maxes out at nearly 72 cu-ft, and has more interior volume. The Q7 can also tow 7,700 lbs. with its V6 engine, while the X5 only can front 6,000. Otherwise, luxury veterans may find the Q7's interior layout to be easier to acclimate to.
  • More Value With Standard Features. Both the Q7 and X5 come with numerous optional features that can cause the MSRP to skyrocket, but you'll find the most valuable additions on the Q7. In fact, you have to pay more to come close to a base Q7's feature list, which include pre sense basic and city packages, all-wheel drive, and Audi MMI.
  • Better Luxury Offerings. You have to pay more to get leather on the X5, where it comes standard on the Q7. In addition, you won't find anything comparable to Audi's Virtual Cockpit in a BMW model. Where many of the X5's options bolster its performance, the Q7's optional adaptive air suspension adds more comfort to the equation.

Audi Q7 vs. Porsche Cayenne
Although emotionally evocative, the high price tag of the Porsche Cayenne may dissuade some buyers from even including it in their running at all. But if you are considering the Q7 and the Cayenne and need that third row, you won't find one in the Porsche. Comparably equipped, the Q7 is far more powerful and practical.

  • Three Rows vs. Two. There's a substantial size difference between the Q7 and Cayenne, and the biggest way this shows is capacity. Not only does the Q7 seat more, but its cargo capacity eclipses that of the Cayenne by 10 cu-ft.
  • Performance and Practicality. Although it has more cargo capacity than it's most direct competitors (except the Q7), the Cayenne emphasizes performance.  But that focus doesn't make it as keen a daily driver as the Q7, which offers a turbocharged inline-four for those who don't need the supercharged V6's 333 horses. Beyond that, a V6-powered Q7 starts around $57,000, where the Cayenne requires $76,000 to get more than 300 horsepower.
  • Overall Value. Between starting prices, optional features, and overall value, the Q7 is a clear winner. Recent estimates indicate the Q7 will hold its resale value slightly better than the Cayenne, and for price-conscious shoppers, the Q7 offers far more.

Audi Q7 vs. Lexus RX 350
The Lexus RX 350 offers plenty for those who need two rows, as well as standard safety gear that you can't get on other models. But while that's impressive enough, the Q7 still bests it with three rows, standard all-wheel drive, and better capacity for towing and hauling. The polarizing design of the RX 350 might sway you toward the Q7, as well.

  • Choice of Power. While the RX 350's V6 is a bit more potent than the Q7's four-cylinder, it doesn't come with standard all-wheel drive, and can only tow 3,500 lbs. On the other hand, the V6 on the Q7 nets 333 horsepower and can tow 7,700 lbs., while also coming standard with the brand's quattro AWD.
  • Comfort and Luxury . The RX 350 prioritizes comfort over a sportier feel, but the Q7 has both-especially with the optional Adaptive Air Suspension installed. You also get leather upholstery and a panoramic moon roof standard on the Q7, which requires moving up to a more expensive model on the Lexus.
  • High Intelligence. Both the Q7 and RX 350 were redesigned recently, but the Audi model seems to have gotten the lion's share of state-of-the-art features. Virtual Cockpit, Audi Connect with 4G LTE WiFi, MMI, and standard safety suites all elevate it over the RX 350. The Q7 also comes with adaptive cruise control.

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